Miha Bodytec – EMS training on Mallorca

Miha Bodytec on Mallorca with Henry Jeschke

Miha Bodytec (EMS - Electro muscle stimulation) is a machine, which supports an effective personal training. In  the vest there are electrodes in the stomach, breast, upper, middle and lower back region. Also a hip belt will be attached, with this the bottom will be trained and pads will be as well attached to the arms and the legs to train the muscle there.

The vest and all pads will be conected to the machine. The intensity and the effectivity of the impulse are adjusted through the machine.

All big muscle groups are trained  through electro impulses during  EMS training. Agonist and antagonist are stimulated at the same time.

Via the EMS training, the different effectivness and the training effects, like the following can be realized:

  • Fat reduction and at the same time building up muscles
  • Toning of body and tissue (anti-cellulite)
  • Improvement of self esteem and confidence
  • Increase metabolic functions
  • Training of the pelvic muscles
  • Relief of back aches
  • Joint gentle training, without weights
  • Therapeutical training
  • Motion sequencies can be trained intensivley and effectively (e.g. golf swings)
  • Increase of stamina performance and fast power.
  • Stamina training

EMS training is a highly effective training, because 100% of the total muscle fiber  are activated. (also the deep muscle fiber!). A 20 min. EMS training is equvalent to 2,5 hours of conventional training in a fitness studio.

Miha Bodytec on Mallorca with Henry Jeschke

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